There's No Time Like The Past

I'm Helena, I'm 19 years young, I live in England, and I'm engaged :)
Vintage, Victorian, Edwardian, and various other things that maybe look like your grandma might own them.
Oh & Daisy by Marc Jacobs.
That's pretty much all I post :)
I should have been born about 200 years ago.
I'm in love with Jane Austen.

Talk to me! I don't bite - honest! No matter how random you are :) I'm interested.
And submit things too :)

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About Me

I’m muslim.

I’m mad about old things. As you may have already guessed.

I love to paint but I’m no artist.
I love to write but I’m no poet.
I used to be able to write songs but it seems I have lost this gift.
I dance a lot. And by dance I mean move around like a freak.
I like nice people & I like being nice. It just makes me feel happier :)
If I had the chance I would travel back to the 17 & 1800s and dress and live how they used to.

People tell me I’m mature for my age, which is nice :) Rather than mature I’d say I just feel older than I am.

I’m studying Architecture at LJMU, just coming to the end of my first year :)

I don’t believe in growing up. I believe in getting taller and having just as much fun in the meantime as you did when you were a kid :P