There's No Time Like The Past

I'm Helena, I'm 19 years young, I live in England, and I'm engaged :)
Vintage, Victorian, Edwardian, and various other things that maybe look like your grandma might own them.
Oh & Daisy by Marc Jacobs.
That's pretty much all I post :)
I should have been born about 200 years ago.
I'm in love with Jane Austen.

Talk to me! I don't bite - honest! No matter how random you are :) I'm interested.
And submit things too :)

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aloveforvogue said:
Ahh need you're help! My art history teacher next year asked which topic I'd love to study next year. I have to pick between the Baroque and the Romanticism! I can't choose! Because the baroque covers the Rococo and the Romanticism covers the Regency!! Which one do you think is better?

I prefer Rococo :)

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